Design Notes

Charlotte Groeneveld
"... I believe that if you want something you can make it happen. Not magically but by doing everything in your power. I have never been a person who planned her future or had a five year plan, I just trust my gut and go. No excuses..."
Meet the RD Team...Holly
"... I feel blessed to do what I love with people that I enjoy even more. The collaborative environment fosters creativity and innovation. It feels incredibly rewarding to contribute to our shared goals alongside such a talented and passionate team..."
Zara Wong
"...I've always wanted to do some form of freelancing but was always tied to conventional views of what constitutes success -- working at a cool and high performing company, or impressive sounding job titles..."
Rachel Gilbert

"...I heard a great quote the other day that resonated with me. “If the door closes, find a window and climb through it” I am a strong believer in knowing there is always a solution, it is just about being open to look for another way..."

Tessa James
"...Be kinder and trust the process. Everything happens for a reason..."
Claire Delmar
"...Aim to find a path that motivates and excites. I’m so lucky that I wake up majority of days excited about what lays ahead. Being your own boss is also wonderful in helping juggle family and work life balance..."
Tiffany Howell
"...I believe in the genius of mistakes. Although ideas are often personalized per project, sometimes when you work through them you realize they don’t belong. I trust that most ideas are born for a reason, and they may actually have been manifested for a future creation..."
Bronte Taton
"...Being a working mom has made me appreciate the time I have with my daughter even more. I make a conscious effort to be present when I'm around her. Her current age is beautiful in itself, as she notices the little things like bees on flowers and the birds. Sometimes, it's nice to slow down and appreciate the small moments, blocking out the negative and fostering good energy for the creative process.. "
Montarna Pitt
A Moment in Place with Montarna Pitt  Physically, where are you right now? Are you at home, on holiday, in the office or elsewhere?   I’m at home in Paddington, Sydney, drinking a coffee in my kitchen. How does your current...
Nadia Fairfax

".. My mother uses a euphemism to describe friendship. "Friendships are like trees - Sometimes branches break off, some will bear fruit" It's always been a good reminder to make hard choices. If someone's morals don't align with your own - Get out the chainsaw! Hahaha.. "

Chloe Tozer
"..I dream of weekends spent at home, getting lost in a book, working in the garden and cooking. During the week I run on such a tight schedule, finding creative refuge is as simple as having no plans and being as far away from my phone and laptop as possible! .."


Jessie Loeffler Randall
".. I think creativity and creative practices have helped me get through some of my most challenging times. I often rely on craft practices as meditative practices to help me cope with stress. Things like knitting, sewing, and cross stitching are all activities that take me out of the “here and now” and fuel my creativity and keep me calm.."
Babba Rivera
“In many ways my entire life is an achievement outside the expectation. I grew up very far away from the lifestyle I have today as an immigrant child with parents living off the social welfare system... certainly not an expected...
Sophia Fanciulli
“...The biggest personal milestone aside from my beautiful children has been finding my inner confidence, my own voice and essentially my own style. All those things I had questioned for so many years. I dropped out of school at 16,...
Lucy Williams
“When I first started my blog aged 22 and started to put myself out there… I felt quite a lot of negativity and judgement from peripheral friends. I had to really put the blinkers on and pretend no one I...
Elise Pioch Balzac
“My biggest achievement is to have been able to find my voice and express my stories without trying to please anyone. What you see at Maison Balzac is my true, honest perception of the world.” - Elise Pioch Balzac French-born, Sydney-based,...
Featured in Rue Rodier: Rachel Donath on Stylish Living
Having followed her trajectory almost since its beginning,  we wanted to chat a little more with Rachel Donath about how she lives, the interior objects she loves and the things that she can’t live without.
Mandana Dayani
“When it comes to visualizing the potential of creating a positive impact, my childhood has played a large role. I have gone through my life with so much gratitude for the opportunities that came with being granted asylum to the...
Megan Morton
“My clients are people who understand that…I am selling my time and my instruction, but what I am also selling is every book I have read, every movie scene I have been influenced by, every concert I have been an...
Amanda Shadforth
“Storytelling is woven through everything I do… I believe that when you follow your passions, the energy that goes into your work is woven with this magic...” - Amanda Shadforth Amanda Shadforth is an artist in the purest sense. Her’s...
Natasha Schweitzer
“I have loved every minute of my life—the tough parts of growing a business are really what you look back on and reflect on as the best years.” - Natasha Schweitzer    While design runs in her blood, Natasha Schweitzer...