Meet the RD Team...Holly



Meet our Customer Experience Lead Holly! You've probably chatted to her over email or on the phone. Holly ensures all of your enquiries are answered ASAP and that your beautiful orders arrive safely. 

We chatted with Holly to find out what she's been up to and what's currently on her wishlist!


Who do you live with?

I live with my partner Andy and our German Shorthaired Pointer pup August  

What’s your coffee order?

Either a small Cappuccino or an Iced Latte  

What are you reading right now?

I'm in between books at the moment! I have been more of a podcast gal of late. Currently listening to Bronwyn - A Hedley Thomas Podcast.

What’s your Sunday Morning Routine?

Sleep in, coffee, breakfast and walks with Andy & August. We live very close to some great walking paths filled with native wildlife.  

What’s something coming up in your personal life that you’re looking forward to?

It's a little while away but it would have to be our trip to Greece in 2025 with my family to celebrate my beautiful cousin's wedding.   

Tell us more about working at RD!

Honestly, the best part about working at RD is the people I work with. Our conversations are always honest, deep and borderline ‘should I just keep this to myself?’ — exactly my kind of people. I appreciate the genuine support and I feel like I am respected and can be myself without judgement.   

I feel blessed to do what I love with people that I enjoy even more.  

The collaborative environment fosters creativity and innovation. It feels incredibly rewarding to contribute to our shared goals alongside such a talented and passionate team.

Holly's Wishlist:

Holly's RD Edit:

Arte Mirror - Black

"The Arte Mirror was my first RD love. It has a whimsical, romantic feel that I adore!"


Cohen Linen Armchair - Ivory Contrast

 "I love the accent that the contrast piping brings to the edges of the chair. This one will however continue to remain on my wish list indefinitely. Due to a series of unfortunate paw print events, light coloured anything does not survive in my home."    


Leroy Coffee Table

"The Leroy Coffee Table nails the brief of being timeless, adventurous, warm and versatile. I love to mix earthy materials in my home and this bamboo treasure just fits right in."

Murano Spikey Vase

"Murano. Italian. Artistry. Classic. Need I say more? I think this piece speaks for itself."