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Inventory by Rachel Donath is a carefully curated collection of timeless antique and contemporary pieces. Approached through the lens of objects as art, her inimitable eye for design uses unexpected pairing of form, tone and texture to ignite curiosity and inspire some of Australia’s most unique homes and recognised interiors.

Bespoke Furniture Australia

Established in 2020, Rachel Donath's bespoke designer furniture collections offer elevated pieces for the design-loving and discerning. With a strong industry following, these contemporary classics have been featured in aspirational local and international publications including: Vogue Living; The New York Times Magazine; Elle Decoration Netherlands; Belle Magazine; The Local Project.

In the production of these collections, she is also proud of having a sustainable and ethical practice. By collaborating with local and globally-based craftsmen alike, she not only supports artisan communities but ensures the highest quality manufacturing to make every experience of Inventory by Rachel Donath, synonymous with excellence.

A crafted experience that connects Designer Furniture with the individuals who seek it

It is often said that the home is where the heart is. This is notably true when it comes to designer furniture, completely changing the experience of a space. The Inventory, by Rachel Donath is a collection of designed and collected pieces that are curated for their sculptural and aesthetic qualities and reflect both art and history.

Designer furniture is an investment. When you purchase designer furniture, you are not only receiving a beautiful piece of furniture, you’re also investing in the quality of the experience of living in your space.

Bespoke furniture for your inspired lifestyle

Bespoke furniture is a great option for those who wish for something unique and special. With a focus on sourcing unique and high-quality pieces, Rachel Donath is drawn to less ordinary design, something to look at, live with and enjoy for years to come.

Inventory by Rachel Donath is an online marketplace of found and designed pieces specifically appealing to those who appreciate high end, designer and bespoke furniture and objects. High end furniture reflects a luxury in indoor and outdoor living and promises an experience of quality, durability, and timelessness.

Inventory by Rachel Donath is at the forefront of designer furniture Australia.