The 3rd collection of the Rachel Donath brand and the second of her own design, FORME is a bold ensemble of sculptural silhouettes.
Each of the five new editions honour her ethos of ‘objects as art’ to become timeless modern heirlooms that find beauty in the landscape of the natural world; in the grain and fabrication of small batch, sustainable production.
Handmade by artisans both locally and internationally, FORME has no season but rather, remains current and relevant across decades through its understanding and elevated pairing of superlative material and design. 
Visually meditative, the twin peaks of the DuPont beadhead are infused with the palette and quiet beauty of coronet mountains, capped in snow. Silent and still, it stands serene to become an immediate place of refuge and hero piece within any bedroom.

The Archae Mirror finds depth and discovery within the layers of landscape as story and symbolism, through objects, are gently revealed across time.

A sculpture in and of itself, the Bohan Lamp plays with shape and shadow to challenge perception as it changes form from different perspectives...A bold, though equally timeless, focal piece that may be styled on its own or as a pair.

Charged with the hushed allure of tassel and texture, the Allard Ottoman is an instant coup de coeur whose gem-like trillion cut cascades into a quiet fall of fabric, making it visually striking from every direction.

Inspired by mid-century French bamboo furniture, the Leroy Coffee Table's textural beauty and fluid, generous proportions are perfectly paired with linens, cottons and other natural fibres to radiate warmth and effortless elegance, within any interior.