Claire Delmar

A Moment in Place with Claire Delmar

Physically, where are you right now? Are you at home, on holiday, in the office or elsewhere?

I wish I could say I was on holidays but I am actually nervously walking around Darlinghurst waiting to watch my daughter do her Speech Eisteddfod at school. I usually try to use every opportunity to tick off my to-do list!

How does your current environment inform your creative process and what is inspiring you right now?

I’m about to launch The Viewing Room an immersive and aesthetically-captivating space, created as a meeting place for conversations about the value of exceptional design in our lives. It’s wonderful focusing on products and designers I respect. Just need the builders to hurry up now!

For every good idea there are many more we reject. Do you ever salvage ideas that didn’t come to fruition at a later stage or do you just move on?

Yes I always feel I go full circle. I pull on ideas from years prior. I try and document everything and store most things .. it’s the organised hoarder in me. I am a crazy planner and list maker.

The Vernier Round Side Table as seen in this beautiful bedroom styled by Claire Delmar


What have been some personal milestones that you have achieved outside the expectation or perceived expectation of others?

I was brought up in an academic house, my father a Professor & Dr, my mother a teacher and scientist and my two sisters, economist and a lawyer. Having always been more creative and completing a Bachelor of Media majoring in film I was titled the ‘arty farty daughter’. I think my father would have been proud now to see my growth not only in my personal life but also my professional.

What have been some of your most profound personal challenges and have they ever informed your creative process or interrupted it?

The passing of my father, he was a guiding light in many ways I miss his subtle daily advice. I took 3 months off to care for him just before he passed and it was the best decision I ever made.

If you analysed the most important factors in your success, what would say these have been?

Hard work, dedication, focus and pure love for what I do.

The Bohan Burl Lamp as seen in this chic study as styled by Claire Delmar

What are your personal and creative rituals, if any?

I don’t really have rituals but I am a creature of habit so I like to walk everyday and read as much as possible around the juggle of kids routines.

Where do you go to find creative refuge?

Funnily enough I tend to find refuge creatively when I’m on set or during an install, fully immersed in the process. I love seeing my vision come to life, it’s my happy place.

The Yuuki Coffee Table as seen in this light-filled lounge as styled by Claire Delmar

If you could go back in time and begin again without knowing what you do now, would you?

Try to be more confident and take more risks. I was often too shy to put myself out there and in a way I’m an introvert. I prefer being behind the camera and doing the work.

What piece of wisdom currently resonates with you and how does it inform your approach to life right now?

Aim to find a path that motivates and excites. I’m so lucky that I wake up majority of days excited about what lays ahead. Being your own boss is also wonderful in helping juggle family and work life balance.



Yuuki Stainless Steel Side Table


Vernier Plinth


Vivi Dining Table Travertine