Antique Furniture

15 products

15 products

"I’ve never subscribed to a theme of décor. To the contrary, I think great joy can be found in honouring your own aesthetic and being guided by personal preference and intuition. The best interiors display elements of the unexpected, weaving old with new to explore art in objects and history in antiques. " - Rachel Donath

Antique furniture provides an opportunity to add depth and discovery to our interiors.

Just as our belongings can be infused with sentiment to evoke mood and trigger memory, antique furniture can inject a sense of intrigue - where history and craftsmanship turn time and technique into treasures: as much momentos of era as objects to covet.

Once the domain of the collector and connoisseur, the acquisition of antique furniture has also taken on a new dimension, finding popularity and relevance in contemporary settings. An Italian Murano glass vase can sit atop a stainless steel surface as harmoniously as it can a 19th Century French antique or Baroque table, as story and artistry converge to reflect different elements of appeal in an object’s form, function and the atmosphere it creates.

The affinity we feel towards design thus divulges something of ourselves. The liquid light of Murano glass can flood a room with the echo of its origin, revealing something of old-world Venice alongside its inherent rarity and provenance. More than ever, old and new can coexist to explore   - where our own sense of style, however eclectic, is developed from honouring the resonance we feel towards a piece in and of itself.

The Inventory, by Rachel Donath is a carefully curated collection of superlative pieces that explore the art in objects and history in antiques. Shop the Antique Furniture collection here.